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In this free 5 day challenge you will create easy, screen-free family fun that:

  • Strengthens your family bonds
  • Makes effortless, family memories
  • Boosts collective mood and harmony

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Daily Coaching
Through short daily videos and activity suggestions you will have Easy Screen-Free Family Fun. Get support, accountability and have some laughs in the Fun and Creative Moms Facebook Group. Want to get the most out of the challenge? Participate in the daily feedback session for a chance to win!
Hi! I am Carletta Shannon and I am so excited that you and your family are joining this challenge! 
I offer programs, materials, and support that parents can use to help their children discover interests, set goals and intentions, and most importantly have fun in the process. I am passionate about learning, growth mindset, nature, and emotional wellness.


Challenge Starts
Monday, May 18, 2020

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