How it works

Coaching is for children (and their parent) who are ready to make some changes in their life. While the focus of the session is the child’s transformation, parents need to be on board so they can help co-create the conditions for change at home. 

I believe that that our lives and the learning that we do over the years are like a landscape that requires patience and time to cultivate. We often have expectations that children’s growth needs to meet a particular timeline and anxiety often ensues when our children don’t fit a mold or if they stand out from their peers in undesirable or difficult ways. Sometimes our children pick up some very limiting beliefs about themselves from adults and peers which can further separate them from their authentic self.

Growing your Spirit Tree puts children in charge of their own life using a growth mindset. They will take stock of what their landscape looks like to date and envision what they would like to plant for the future. Through stories, art, and mindfulness practices they will discover and shift limiting beliefs and discover their spirit tree, a tree that is representative of their wisest, most authentic self.

They will learn to:

  1. Set intentions and goals
  2. Listen to their body to help identify their emotions
  3. Identify and shift limiting beliefs
  4. Identify their inner critic
  5. Learn ways to self regulate and recharge
  6. Find outlets that align with their most authentic selves.