Parenting in a new reality

"Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful of your life." — Mark Twain 

Parents are very aware that we are now living a significant moment in history.  Family life as we know it has been upended. The way we experience our world and daily interactions with our children have completely changed with days' notice.  No, we didn’t foresee parenting during a worldwide pandemic that now requires us to isolate and physically distance ourselves from friends and extended family, but here we are.  This is our new reality.

So where do we go from here?

First, we take a deep breath and acknowledge at a deep cellular level that parents throughout the world and history have parented beautifully during difficult circumstances.  Then we remember that children are amazing, resilient beings who have the superpower of imagination. Third, we remember that we are all in this boat together and we can learn, share and connect to grow stronger during this time.

What is going to save our sanity?

Taking time out each day to create easy, fun, experiences that will make lasting memories as a family.  

How to make it happen? 

Back to basics fun!  Less is more!  

I think if parents remember their own childhoods, they will recall simple ways of passing time before indoor amusement parks and trampoline gyms.  Yes, I understand that in some ways we have even less in this moment, but it was a time when we had to be much more proactive about making our own fun.  Think back to your own childhood. What were your favourite memories? How can you adapt them to our current daily experience? 

Moving Forward

  1. Ask your children what would be their favourite things to do as a family during this time of isolation.
  2. Parents, channel your inner dreamer and innovator: what do you want your children to remember about this time?
  3. Escapism can be a lifesaver sometimes.  What kinds of adventures would you like to have and then how can you capture the essence by pretending?
  4. What cooperative group project could you create together?
  5. What are some new rituals or celebrations you could make together?

In the coming days and weeks, we as families will make decisions about how to live our new normal.  I encourage everyone to set intentions to continue to make memories that honour the spirit of your family.  

Be wildly creative and make magic out of mayhem.

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