About Carletta

My Journey

My journey to becoming a life coach for children started when I stopped being in denial about the very real struggles that my husband and I were experiencing in our daily lives with our children. After many months and several appointments with four different professionals, we experienced some relief and felt hopeful. However, as the CEO of my family, I was exhausted and drained. I felt like I was stuck in some very unhealthy patterns of being but I wasn’t sure how to break them. I knew I needed help and I was ready for change.

I had reached out for help before but this time I decided to hire a life coach. In the six months that followed, the waves of change crashed upon the shore of my life. The co-creative coaching relationship gave me the opportunity to discover who I really am and what lights me up. I felt seen and heard as my authentic self and I wanted the same experience for my children. 

As I have shared what I learned with my children, I have seen that it is giving them an important framework to help understand their emotional world and to help them shift limiting beliefs about their abilities and character. As a homeschooling mother, I have seen the power of allowing children to drive their own learning and education. Similarly coaching puts children at the helm of whatever areas of life are challenging them, it seeks to empower them, to teach them to listen to their most authentic self in a world that constantly tells children what they should do without knowing  whether or not it aligns with their souls.

It took me 43 years to find the courage to just be myself and to fully celebrate what it is that I bring to the world. I am hoping that if we start earlier, our children will spend most of their life being exactly who they are meant to be.

My Philosophy

I am a conscious, calm listener and a gentle, hopeful, voice of encouragement who asks powerful questions to help children take action that they may otherwise be too afraid to try. I look beyond misbehavior to find the root of the fear and help children understand that they are not their mistakes, they are so much more! Together with parents, I will help children to find the treasure that is buried deep inside them.

I am a loving, nurturing mother of two girls who has made many missteps on my parenting journey, however my desire to reach out for help and to be open to learning, improving and growing has been incredibly rewarding. 

I am a writer, an artist, a creator of dreamy places, spaces and experiences. I believe that we can heal, know and express ourselves better by writing, making art, and spending time in the beauty of nature. 

I practice mindfulness and self care so that I can show up as aligned and authentic for my clients. I will lead by example.

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